August 2012

Well it's closing day and it's with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to our first home. I actually can't believe the day has finally come. When we moved in all those years ago, I thought this would be our forever home. However things change, and certain chapters must come to an end. But I do remember looking for this house though and how excited we were. At the time, we were told by countless people to look for, and read the reviews of professionals similar to these top real estate agents in Toronto so we had the best chance of

We are less than 2 weeks till moving day and I just need to get a few things off my chest. Do you ever notice how websites always show photos of happy, smiling families packing boxes as they are preparing for moving day?? In preparation for writing this post, I did some Googling to find these images and I can assure you that these people do not exist in reality. They are a figment of some marketing executive's imagination somewhere. Anyone who has ever attempted to pack away a toddler's play room full of toys while he is screaming "I don't