February 2013

We're blogging from Barbados today as we're on vacation celebrating Tash's grandmother's 90th birthday.  The other night we decided to pop by one of our favourite spots on the island for an impromptu dessert. Tapas Restaurant is a great little place that you can sit right on the water's edge and enjoy the fantastic food and ambiance. We were enjoying our desserts (apple crumble tart & tempura banana kebabs - soooo good!) when we realized that it was in this very restaurant one year ago that I first pitched the idea to Tash of selling our home & going after our

You may have noticed that we've been a little quiet on the house front for the last couple of weeks.  Well, you're right. We have, and the main reason: WINTER. Now on a normal year, we aren't winter's biggest fans, but this year we're especially bitter as the sudden influx of full blown arctic weather has essentially thrown our construction schedule to the wolves! Okay, to be fair it's not totally Winter's fault, since according to the original schedule we were planning to have had the house structure up and closed in by now. But thanks to the 4 week permit delay, and