Blogging Singlehandedly

Pardon the pun. Today I’m quite literally blogging singlehandedly – as in with one hand – since my right hand has been reduced to a club confined to a cast for the time being. Sigh…

 Me & my broken hand
Me & my broken hand 🙁

I guess I should explain. I wish I could say I broke my hand working on some awesome DIY or Dreamhouse reno project, but sadly that is not the case. Last night I picked a fight with a set of stairs on the GO train on my way home. And lost. EPIC fail! I’m sure anyone who knows me well probably isn’t surprised. Clumsiness is kinda my thing – in my defence though, in my 33 years this is the first time I’ve broken anything…

The casualties of war:

cast & x-rays
My casted, broken hand. X-ray shows 4th metacarpal fracture.
Ruined high heels
My beautiful Nine West Pumps…ruined! 🙁

So it looks like I’m gonna need a new pair of shoes. That AND things might be a bit quiet on the blog for a little while – at least until I get used to left handed typing (or can fashion some sort of stick or poker to use with my club hand, lol).  Cause as much as I love my WordPress iPhone app, my left thumb is getting tired already.

Kes will be picking up a bit of the slack over the next few days so it’ll be a slightly different voice but we’re still here! And I’ll still be around on facebook & twitter so drop me a line!

Have any of you sustained a similar injury? How long did it take to heal? What’s the most bone-headed thing you’ve ever done to hurt yourself? We’d love to hear your stories!

8 thoughts on “Blogging Singlehandedly

  1. Don’t worry about the Pumps my Dear! Lots more where that one came from. LOL, Get well soon my Darling Daughter-in Law!

    1. Thanks Alex! My hand has since healed – tho I still notice a slight loss of strength from time to time & soreness particularly after long periods of use (not so convenient when trying to undertake DIY projects, lol!) It’s a work in progress tho & for the most part it’s better. Thanks for stopping by!

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