As you all know by now, interior design is a true passion of mine! There's not a day that goes by where I don't think about new trends or redesigning my home, although I already love the way it looks now. In my spare time, you'll often catch me browsing the Easy Home Concepts website or flicking through a magazine for inspiration but one event which always catches my eye is the Interior Design show! Yes, you heard right! A show! The Interior Design Show is hands down our favourite of any of the design fairs or trade shows in Toronto every year. We've attended IDS the last 4 years running and though we haven't always talked about it here on the blog, if you've seen any of our past posts you know why we say it's so much more than just another home show.

I have a confession to make. Well, a few actually. But the first is I've spent the better part of this week in a post-vacation funk. Does that ever happen to you? You spend a week in tropical bliss - away from the stresses of your daily life - only to return & have it all come crashing back down on you? Surely I'm not alone in this. I was glad to hear that my friend also experiences this when returning to normal life. My friend is a social media influencer, and she said she always struggles to post when she gets back. Last time she went on vacation, she told me she had to use a website called Nitreo to generate hashtags for her posts for a while because she couldn't think of any herself. As she's an influencer, hashtags should really come naturally to her, but she'd just got back from her vacation and she couldn't think of any hashtags to post. Thankfully, that website was helpful and she was able to get posting again on her Instagram account. As a blogger, our lines of work are a little different, but it was good to hear that other people struggle to get back to work following a peaceful vacation. Well today, I've made a decision to pull myself out of the funk. I'm back to blogging today because writing always makes me feel better & I'm choosing to let go of the "everyone else's recap is already so much better than yours is going to be so why bother" mentality that has been stifling me & keeping me from writing this post.