Contemporary living room design by Mark English Architects, AIA, San Francisco

Being that we’re young creative professionals it sort of fits that we’d be attracted to the urban contemporary loft aesthetic. The problem being, the ‘urban contemporary loft’ generally comes with inner city living – downtown core, smaller square footage, higher prices, etc – which is fine when you’re in your 20s and focused on your career. When the time comes to raise a family though, you tend to re-evaluate the things you want in a home; things like proximity to schools and family, having a backyard, and overall wanting a bigger living space.

Having both grown up in the suburbs, we knew that’s where we wanted to raise our kids, so ultimately when we found out we were expecting just a few short months after our wedding, we decided to give up on our ‘lofty dreams’ and settle in the burbs…

Somehow though, the ‘lofty dream’ never really left us. We figured…why shouldn’t we be able to have the best of both worlds?? In hunting for our first home, however, as we tried to find a place that had that contemporary loft feel, we quickly came to the realization that on the east end of the GTA, it pretty much doesn’t exist.

So here we are, 3 years later and ready to take the next step into our second home and we decided it’s time we started going after our dream. We’re currently looking into home builders Charleston that will be able to take our concept and make it a reality. But what is the concept? Enter the ‘suburban contemporary house’. Our plan is to take the sleek, contemporary open concept loft aesthetic, and bring it to a neighbourhood in the suburbs – one where we can have a 4 bedroom two storey home, get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and have a sprawling outdoor living space for our family to enjoy!

Ambitious? Definitely – but the way we see it, anything that’s worth having doesn’t come easily. 🙂