Closing day - key finally in hand!

Every cloud has a silver lining…

As you know, our closing got delayed by one day. Boo right?  We thought so too.  The upside however, is that because of that ONE seemingly insignificant day, our first mortgage payment has now been delayed by ONE MONTH! Woo hoo!!! I guess it’s true what they say – everything happens for a reason.  🙂

So with closing day here & keys finally in hand we set off to the new house to christen our big purchase…with a sledgehammer!

Getting started with the kitchen demo
Getting started with the kitchen demo…
Living room wall before
Living room wall before
Living room wall AFTER
Living room wall AFTER!

There’s no better way to let off some steam than to smash some kitchen cabinets and knock down a wall.  LOL!

Starting tomorrow we’ll have a crew come in to do the real demolition.  We’ll keep you posted as things progress!


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