'Please wait.' Closing day delayed

Well today was closing day.  Sort of.  At least it was supposed to be.  As it turns out, however there was an error in the mortgage paperwork that caused a delay in the final release of funds between the bank and our lawyer’s office.  Despite everyone’s feverish attempts to rectify things, ultimately the clock just ran out before the issue could be resolved.

So here we are, at end of day with no keys in hand.  🙁  Closing is being pushed until tomorrow and right out the gate our construction schedule is being delayed by a day….let’s hope this doesn’t set a precedent for how the project will progress.

The take away from this:  always check, double check and TRIPLE check your paperwork to ensure that all information and names etc, are correct WELL in advance of your legal closing day. That way if any errors are caught, there is enough time for all parties to address anything that needs to be rectified.

Sigh…I guess we’ll try this again in the morning.