Photo: The Dreamhouse (before)

It’s been a while since we blogged, and lots to update you on.   Specifically what happened with the seller after the inspection

Well of course – he was anything but reasonable. Essentially our agent Mike went to him with our inspection report of what could potentially add up to $25,000 in repairs – and his response was “I won’t come down one more penny.” That said, we know that the renovation plans we have will address most, if not all of the issues the inspector raised. But the bottom line is, ultimately we’re buying THIS house, in it’s present state, and regardless of our future plans for it we shouldn’t have to absorb all the cost of any repairs that it needs going in.

So we stuck to our guns. With just a few hours left before the conditions of our offer expired, Mike informed the seller that “it’s a lot of money” and so we’re “really going to have to think about whether it makes sense to move forward with the deal.”

Low and behold, with the sale at risk, the seller decided to make a concession on purchase price. Yay for playing hardball! And an even bigger yay for having an agent that’s willing to go to bat for you. Mike you rock!

So the house purchase is complete. And here she is!!! The Dreamhouse…before.

  • connorslack
    October 24, 2012

    Backyard is HUGE! amazing!


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