LED strip lighting kit

It’s week 4 and we’re into the home stretch of our One Room Challenge. Week 3 turned out to be a bit of a bust for us so we’ll be covering both weeks in today’s recap. Our focus this week has been the family room lighting.

As a part of the media wall project, we thought it might be cool to add some ambient lighting under the wall mounted console and behind the TV. This is our first attempt at something like this so we figured we should test it out earlier than later in case it didn’t work out as planned. We found an RGB LED strip lighting kit at our local flea market and did a quick and dirty install to test it out.

First under console lighting test

First under console lighting test

We’re happy with the look overall but there are some tweaks we’ll need to make to get it just right so we are going to contact a residential electrician for some professional advice. Firstly, the kit that we got only provides 5 levels of brightness and even at the lowest one the lights seem a little too bright to be ambient. The second issue is that the white setting on this kit is way too blue and cold for our liking. After doing a little more reading on strip lighting Kes figured out that both of these problems should be fixable with a new LED controller that allows for finer tuning of brightness and color mixing. We’ll be ordering a new controller and testing it out again.

We also finally got our ceiling lamp hung this week!

Kes installing family room lighting

Kes installing family room pendant lighting

I’m absolutely loving the rustic/industrial vibe this light brings to the space – not to mention it’s SO nice to have functional family room lighting again! We took down the hideous overhead “boob light” we had up several weeks ago and started looking at the likes of this drum lighting fixture and other unique lighting items to see what we could replace it with. And as much as I hated the previous fixture, it’s been annoying not having that extra overhead light in the evenings. As you can see from the picture, Kes was able to fit the light himself, but we would most definitely recommend you to look for a professional to install your lighting, such as those at aardvark-electric.com/areas-we-serve/sandy-springs/, just to be on the safe side!

We also added a bit of task lighting with this cute little lamp we picked up at Bouclair Home as well. I really like how adds some nice warmth and dimension to the room for the moment, that is until we get some barn light fixtures to add some more lighting eventually.

Wire lamp

Wire lamp from Bouclair Home

We also made some more headway on the media wall.

We still have a fair bit of work to do, but hopefully we can pull everything together in time….

Check back in with us on Thursday for our last glimpse at things before the big reveal!

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