F#@king fifty shades of grey. Grey clouds everywhere.

3 weeks….

(That’s how long it’s been since my last post.)

I should probably start by apologizing for the radio silence of late.  I’m still here. I haven’t abandoned you guys. But if I’m being totally honest, anything I had posted in the last 3 weeks, you probably wouldn’t have wanted to read.  Or maybe you would – sometimes a public online meltdown just makes for good entertainment.  Lol! I’m kidding (sort of).

So here’s the thing.  Tomorrow is the first official day of spring and yet the glimpses of actual spring weather in Southern Ontario have been very few and far between.

And it’s sucking. the. life. out. of. me.

Now I know that I have no control over the weather, but it’s hard not let it get to you when you wake up to sub-zero temperatures and grey skies day in and day out with seemingly no end in sight.

I think part of the winter funk is due to the fact that we didn’t get to take our annual February vacation this year so this winter is feeling EXTRA long.  You just don’t realize how much of a difference that little 10 day break and the infusion of some much needed sunshine can make.  Around this time last year we were doing this….

Paradise aka Barbados

Paradise aka Barbados

Kash & I enjoying the sun & sea

Kash & I enjoying the sun & sea

Kash & Daddy playing in the sand

Kash & Daddy playing in the sand

And now…

Current weather in Pickering

Current weather in Pickering via theweathernetwork.com

Pickering 7-day forecast

Pickering 7-day forecast


This year of course a certain finance sucking Dreamhouse didn’t quite allow for us to take a mid-winter break. Speaking of said Dreamhouse, you might also have noticed that there hasn’t been much mention of it around here on the blog lately. Oh I don’t know, for something like,


(That’s how long it’s been since there was any substantial progress on the house.)

Remember this post?  That was the last big milestone we hit.

In December.

Sure there have been little things going on to inch us forward – like the scuppers on the 2nd story patios, some of the back framing to accommodate the duct work & a few plumbing & electrical adjustments to prepare for the walls to get closed up – but nothing to give us any feeling of accomplishment or real indication of progress.

And I get it.  I do.  When you take the terrible weather we’ve been having & combine it with a house that has no insulation or heat, I can understand the reluctance of anyone to want to come out to work.

But I’m reaching my limit.

This winter needs to be over. Because it’s keeping me in a constantly crappy mood. And owning a house that we can’t live in is starting to weigh on me.

I miss having our own space. I mean, I love my parents but it’s nice to have the freedom to say – walk around the house naked if you want & not have to worry about running in to your Dad, you know??  And I HATE the extra 40 minutes on our commute.  It’s killing me.  I miss being able to come home after work and have more than 30 minutes to spend with Kash before bedtime.

I’m ready for the Dreamhouse to get to the FUN part!  This was supposed to be fun wasn’t it??  An adventure of sorts? When do we get there?  When does the tiling and the painting and the LIVING begin???  Oh yea…after we have walls.  And for that we need insulation. And heat. Right.

Spring can’t come soon enough.  Sigh…at least I have the Authentic Weather App to keep it real and give me an occasional laugh.

Ok, I’m done.