Framing Walk thru pt. 2 [Video]

Its been a busy week but Kes FINALLY found some spare time to edit the video footage from the second floor framing walk through. We know that since last week’s walk through of the main floor some of you have been anxious to see how the upstairs came together, well you don’t have to wait any longer…here it is!

Tomorrow we’ll wrap up the final Framing Friday with pics of the exterior and a little ‘behind the scenes’ with Kevin.

3 thoughts on “Framing Walk thru pt. 2 [Video]

  1. Natasha! Beautiful home and I’m so excited for all of you!! I love ALL that natural light coming through the top floor (great touch) and you are going to need a ladder with wheels in your closet 🙂
    Can’t wait to see more.

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