Remember how excited we were when our windows finally arrived?? Well now we’re even more excited (if that’s even possible as I’m sure we hit maximum excitement a while back) because the windows are being installed and they’re even sexier than we imagined they would be! That’s right I said sexy…and I’m talking about windows. Just asking for a big kiss on those smooth panes! Have a look at the pics below and try to argue with me…

Deeaaaad seexy… [insert Fat Man voice]

Window install almost complete

Window install almost complete. TyPar house wrap in progress

They look so great, don’t they? We’ve been thinking of getting some nice window films to stick on them to enhance the view but we’re not so sure yet. There are frosted glass ones, ones that pretend to be stained glass when the light hits, we’re just not sure what to pick. There are even ones that mimic the kind of glass you put in bathrooms, for example check out one-way window film for an easy option for home privacy. Very fancy. We’ll wait till later in the build if any of these window accessories enhance these (already very sexy) windows.

Along with the window install, the crew is hard at work turning the house into a giant Home Depot ad prepping the house for the exterior UPVC cladding – which we’ll cover in a few upcoming posts. The interior isn’t looking much different from a shed at the moment but just you wait when the builders get started on that.

I’m thinking all this talk of building this calls for another edition of Design Week. By the way, is anyone else thinking of going to Home Depot for quality goods and services or is that just me? πŸ˜‰