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We are less than 2 weeks till moving day and I just need to get a few things off my chest. You ever notice how websites always show photos of happy, smiling families packing boxes as they are preparing for moving day?? In preparation for writing this post, I did some Googling to find these images and I can assure you that these people do not exist in reality. I wish it was easy to pack like it was looking for ways on how to sell up our old house quickly. With selling, you can get quotes from solicitors online when you are ready to move house. But when it comes to packing, you’re going to have to figure out the best way on your own. I don’t even know who likes packing in all honesty. I mean don’t get me wrong I love the fact that there are companies similar to phs Teacrate that offer boxes that can help with your packing but to me, the ideas of packing still so tedious.

They are a figment of some marketing executive’s imagination somewhere. Anyone who has ever attempted to pack away a toddler’s play room full of toys while he is screaming “I don’t want to cwean up. I don’t want to cweeaan uuuuuupp!!” and simultaneously throwing the toys you have just packed one by one out of the box, knows what I’m talking about.

It is not fun. I am not smiling. We are NOT sitting relaxed on our floor, looking lovingly at each other surrounded by nicely packed boxes and drinking glasses of wine.

Who are these people?? Let them come pack our sh#%. Where are the photos of what packing a household REALLY looks like?? Where are the photos of the exhausted parents looking like they wanna kill themselves or each other??

And to those ‘we’ll pack and move everything for you’ companies out there that are selling these smiling couples to the public…with the prices you charge to offer your services, I am sure that NONE of your clients are smiling either.

Sigh…Ok. I’m done.

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