If you were following along with #ProjectSanta on Twitter or Instagram during our laundry room makeover over the holidays you might have noticed a certain logo that kept popping up in our behind the scenes pics…

Our 10 In. Compound Mitre Saw (which we were lucky enough to win at BlogPodium)

Well if you were wondering about it, you’re right. After winning the miter saw at BlogPodium, we’ve been seriously coveting more and now we’re happy to announce that we’ve partnered with Ryobi Canada to provide us with tools for our DIY project needs. We’re super excited to be working with such an innovative brand.

A partnership made in DIY heaven:

Ryobi provided us with all the tools we needed to make our laundry room project a success & we seriously could not have completed it without them.

It’s hard to choose a favourite because literally Every. Single. One. of the products we received were invaluable. I loved the 6 pc Lithium+ Ultimate Combo Kit! It contains a drill driver, impact driver, a circular & reciprocating saw, a multi-tool, and a flashlight – pretty much every power tool that an average home owner should own & we made good use of each one on the laundry room reno alone.

The fact that that all of the tools have interchangeable batteries thanks to the ONE+ system was huge – especially considering we worked our way through a power outage (the flashlight came in pretty handy that day)!

The Tile Saw is pretty cool. DEFINITELY one thing we couldn’t have done without! We were anticipating it being a messy job so the plan was to bundle up to make our tile cuts in the garage. But as it turns out, there was no need! The blade guard did a great job of catching the splatter & run off and then funnelling it back into the reservoir. That kept things relatively mess free and most importantly INSIDE!

If I absolutely had to choose a favourite though, I think it’d be the 18V ONE+ Cordless Brad Nailer.

LOVE this Ryobi 18V ONE+ nailer!
LOVE this nailer!

I absolutely loved using this thing. Not only is it cordless & uses the same 18V battery as the rest of the ONE+ tools, but was it powerful without the need for a compressor & lightweight and easy enough for even my girly muscles to handle!

Not so girly muscles
I guess they don’t look so girly in this pic.

For Kes it was all about the Table Saw which is definitely up there. Maybe there’s just something manly about power tools that stand on their own. I have to admit that using the table saw was a bit intimidating at first – which I guess makes sense considering I haven’t used one since 8th grade shop class. Once we got through the first few cuts though, it was fine. It was easy to use and the cuts were clean. The blade guard system kept us from worrying about our fingers while still offering a clear view of the blade, which made for nice accurate cuts.

Kes gettin his cut on with the Ryobi 10 in. Portable Table Saw
Kes gettin his cut on!

Bottom line, all of the Ryobi tools we received were awesome to work with – so much so that when we realized we’d need a jig saw to cut the countertop for the laundry room, we didn’t hesitate to make a Depot run to pick up this little beauty

We’re really looking forward to continuing to work with Ryobi throughout the rest of our Dreamhouse build. And looking at our 2014 DIY goals, we definitely have a lot more projects that these tools will be a huge asset on!

Ryobi Tools can be purchased exclusively at The Home Depot in both Canada & the U.S.

*We received the tools mentioned in exchange for honest reviews. All opinions are our own.

  • January 10, 2014

    Ooooh, power tools are so great! Looks like you’re going to be able to put those to good use!! Have fun!

  • January 10, 2014

    Oh, you KNOW I have my eye on that cordless brad nailer. I wanted it for Christmas this year. I’m going to be keeping it on my wish list.

    We are a Ryobi family. We have the combo pack (use the flashlights all. of. the. time.) and my hubby loves carting the radio around with him when he’s working outside.

    I’m so excited for you – what a great partnership!

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