Framining well underway!

It’s another Framing Friday! [Video]

Happy Framing Friday!! Today we’re FINALLY posting the video of the walk through we took last week when we arrived home from vacation to find the framing crew hard at work.  We know we kept you waiting a little longer than we’d hoped, but thanks for being patient with us.

So without any further delay…here it is!

We know we’re a bit behind in posting since framing has since been completed, but we’ll post another video next week to reveal the final thing.

What do you think?  We love it, but we’re a bit biased, lol!  We’d love to hear your feedback!

9 thoughts on “It’s another Framing Friday! [Video]

  1. Your house turned out amazing. We are going to be refinishing our house this summer, also planning to use hardieboard panels and contrasting siding. Just wondering if you have any details on the installation procedures and manufacturers that you used for housewrap, panel trim like seams/corner caps, hardware. Any info would be appreciated and save me some serious google’ing! Thanks!

    1. Hi Dan! Thanks so much & thanks for stopping by. We used TYPAR Housewrap, which you can typically find at Home Depot or any big box building supply/hardware store. In terms of panel hardware, I’m not sure what product we actually ended up using as it was supplied by our installers – however, if you’re going for the expressed joint look like we did, you might want to check out a product called Easy Trim Reveals – If you’re going for more of a board & batten look, you can achieve it using the HardiTrim boards. As for installation procedures, Hardie does provide installation consultations, so your best bet is to have the Hardie rep come out to your site & go through their recommended practices with your installers. Hope that helps & happy renovating!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the info! I like the idea of strapping the house prior to installing the panels so the walls can breath. I will definitely check out that site for trim and see if I can track down a hardie rep in SK for some advice. Thanks again, have a merry Xmas.

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