We know it’s been a little while since we blogged and you’re probably as excited to see the plans for the Dreamhouse as we are….well maybe not quite AS excited as us, but still.

Its been a busy month full of settling in with the parents, budgets, drawings, quote gathering & securing finances; all while balancing the day to day of work and raising a 3 year old. Oh yea – and we managed to throw in a couple of trips and celebrating 4 years of marriage.

But with all that behind us, the day we’ve been waiting for is finally just about here! Monday is closing day….and then the real fun begins.  We may have everything on paper with the plans drawn and ready to go, but there are still a lot of  questions that just can’t be answered until we have the keys in hand.  Sure we know we want to add on a second story, but can the existing foundation support that??  We won’t know until we see what’s behind the walls.

That’s just one of the many things we’re looking forward to finding out as we’re preparing for closing day….and to do that, we just might have to do a bit of demo. Hehehehe….I think that’ll be blog worthy don’t you??

Can’t wait!