Our lonely mailbox attached to the outside of the construction fence.

Canada Post said we can’t have our mail. 🙁

Ok, wait…that sounds crazy. I guess I should explain. So back in December, I lost my purse at the Buffalo Bills game in Toronto. Thankfully a kind citizen found it emptied my wallet of the cash, and turned it in to security. So I did get it back the next day, but not before cancelling my credit card.

Since then, I’ve been waiting patiently for my new card to arrive in the mail. We’ve now gone way beyond the 5 to 7 business days it was supposed to take, and just when we were about to contact MasterCard to see what’s up, we got a call from Kevin who had run into our mail carrier at the house site – on a side note – yes, we have a mail carrier. One that actually delivers mail to your doorstep! For you city dwellers, that’s super rare in the suburbs nowadays, but one of the benefits of being in an older neighborhood. But back to the story…

Before the house demo we had moved our mailbox to the outside of the construction fence to allow the carrier to continue to provide service. But now we’re finding out that apparently by law, Canada Post cannot deliver mail to a property that does not have a structure on it! And no, the irony is not lost on me that had we been in a newer subdivision where the mail is delivered to some random cluster of mailboxes down the street, Canada Post would be none the wiser of the property’s status, lol!

But I digress…

Canada Post is now holding our mail hostage at the Post Office. Like an actual standalone Post Office, which apparently still exists in Pickering outside of the kiosks in Shoppers Drug Mart.

Canada Post standalone post office in Pickering - who knew!?
Canada Post standalone post office in Pickering – who knew!?

So now in order to get our mail, we will either have to pay for them to hold and pick it up at the Post Office for the foreseeable future, or pay for another mail redirection until we move in.


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