Dream Bedroom After: New bed and pallet wall

We made it to the finish line of our One Room Challenge! We’ve had many a late night and more fast food than I care to admit over the last 5 weeks, but walking into our dream bedroom now, it all seems worth it. Even though we just redid our bedroom, I can see why anyone would look into companies like New Sensation Homes, as having the house of your dreams can feel like the best thing ever! Walking into a home that you’ve always dreamed of is what every home owner wants.

Before we get to all the pretty let’s take a peek back at where we started. Our master suite has been stuck in a half finished state since we moved in to the Dreamhouse a year and a half ago. Even though we’ve had our beautiful master bath, the part of the space we spend the most time in left much to be desired.

The before

Our Dream Bedroom before the bedroom makeover | The Dreamhouse Project

And without further adieu, come on in to our Dream Bedroom!

The After

Our dream bedroom pairs modern furniture with a rustic reclaimed pallet wall | Dream Bedroom Reveal - The Dreamhouse Project
First of all the unfinished wall got a major upgrade! The reclaimed pallet wood feature wall we created behind the bed is definitely the highlight of the room now.

Modern bed with pallet wall, nightstand and DIY faux roman blinds | Dream Bedroom Reveal - The Dreamhouse ProjectOur plan for the pallet wall going in was to stain the boards, but once we got them cleaned up and sanded they were just so beautiful we decided to keep the natural colour. We did apply a thin layer of poly in a satin finish to seal it.

Reclaimed pallet wood wall with modern nightstand | Dream Bedroom Reveal - The Dreamhouse ProjectClose up of night table and accessories | Dream Bedroom Reveal - The Dreamhouse Project Nightstand and DIY pallet wall | Dream Bedroom Reveal - The Dreamhouse Project

Can we take a second to admire this fabric?! The print is just so much fun, and these faux roman blinds were another super easy DIY. There are still a couple of things that I’d like to add to this bedroom. I think my bedside table needs a custom photo moon lamp on it, just to finish the room off. I like to have lots of lights in my bedroom so a moon lamp is the perfect option for us. Plus they’re super cute!

DIY Faux roman blinds with pallet wall | Dream Bedroom Reveal - The Dreamhouse Project

Opposite the bed we created a sitting area. I can definitely see it becoming a new favourite spot for morning coffees. I’m also really happy we decided to install the hardwood. It just makes SO much of a difference! It was definitely worth the extra expense – not to mention that it gave us a reason to add that gorgeous geometric print rug, which I think makes all the difference. It also adds a pop of colour that the other features may not have translated. The thing about redoing your bedroom is that you can design it how you want. The reason I got a rug like this is because a friend of mine visited a site like bazaarvelvet.com, where she got her hands on such a high quality rug for her room, that I knew I needed to invest in a rug for my room too. It just adds that finishing touch to any home.

Colourful modern sitting area | Dream Bedroom Reveal - The Dreamhouse ProjectClose up of coffee table details | Dream Bedroom Reveal - The Dreamhouse Project Modern sitting area with floor lamp | Dream Bedroom Reveal - The Dreamhouse Project

Close up of loveseat with bed and DIY pallet wall in the background | Dream Bedroom Reveal - The Dreamhouse Project

Modern Rustic Dream Bedroom Reveal | The Dreamhouse ProjectAfter nearly 2 years, it feels amazing to finally see our dream bedroom come to life! Hopefully you enjoyed seeing the transformation as much as we did. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more about some of the details that went into the room, including some of the stores that gave us our inspiration such as furniture in fashion, but for now we’ll leave you with this.

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Before we go, we want to send out a huge thank you to Linda at Calling It Home and Media Partner House Beautiful for hosting the One Room Challenge and giving us the much needed kick in the pants to finally get this room completed. Also a big thanks to our amazing sponsors who contributed to this project.

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Lastly, thanks to all of you who followed along on our journey to create this space. We truly appreciate all of your comments & words of encouragement! If you missed any of the previous five weeks and want to get caught up, you can check out our posts here:

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One Room Challenge Guest ParticipantUntil next time, friends!