Photo: SOLD by by Michael Mandarello, RE/MAX Agent

Up and down in less than 48 hours….and here we were all geared up to endure at least a couple weeks of stress around keeping the house in immaculate ‘show ready’ condition.

When we listed the house, we thought we were a little bit on the ambitious side in terms of our asking price.  After reviewing the past sales and comparable properties in our area, we had an idea of what we were hoping to sell for and naturally priced ourselves slightly above that to leave some room for negotiation. What we really didn’t imagine was that the house would go OVER asking or that things would get wrapped up so quickly and easily.

Two days, three showings & one open house later, here we are sold over asking, and firm with no conditions!  Guess there’s something to be said for a seller’s market after all.

We really have to thank our agent Mike Mandarello for all his hard work, great advice & dedication to helping get us a little closer to our dream…now go find us a house!! LOL!


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