The Abyss. Ugh! Here goes...

One of the things you don’t think of when you’re preparing for a big move are the seasons ahead. As you might remember, it was August when we packed up our things and decided to move back home. Of course being that it was August, our closets had long been thinned out by the spring/summer edit; our warm weather clothes a distant memory, neatly boxed away and stored in the basement for the following season….

Well guess what? It’s not August anymore. And we no longer own said basement. Now, we don’t exactly know where the time went or why Mother Nature has forsaken us, but suddenly overnight it’s full-blown WINTER and we’ve been left scrambling to make due with the remnants of our end of summer wardrobe along with some very well timed fall outerwear purchases (sad but true). And WHERE you ask are those boxes of winter clothing, hats, scarves, coats & boots – that were so neatly stowed away?? Either in our parents’ garage or basement – most likely at the back and underneath the other 5 million boxes containing the contents of our household. Awesome.

Okay…so it’s November – closing in on December. We know the seasons didn’t EXACTLY change overnight and we’re a tad on the ridiculous side. But honestly, for the past couple of months we’ve been DREADING having to dig through the organized chaos that is what we affectionately refer to as ‘the abyss of house storage hell.’ Unfortunately we’re now out of time. It’s cold. The fall jacket has got to go. When your 3 year old tells you he needs his mittens – you know you’ve procrastinated long enough.

We’re also getting worried about everything else stored at our parents. Moving into winter, there’s lots of paint that we need for the new house that might freeze if it’s left in the garage for too long. We’ll probably be getting a unit soon from somewhere like Storemasta so that we actually have somewhere to store everything here. If we’re starting to need our winter clothes, it’s definitely time to get everything out of the cold and into the warm!

So this week began ‘Wintergate’ as our search for the winter clothes turned into a full scale investigation. We are happy to report, however that after our feverish efforts to tear apart the mishmash of boxes, Rubbermaid bins and furniture in the garage, we DID find the box in question!!

Finally!! A warm coat...
Finally!! A warm coat…

‘Deuces’ fall jacket, HELLOOOO winter coat!! 🙂

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