Real Estate Investment Q&A with Lisa Colalillo

Investing in an income suite: Q&A with HGTV’s Lisa Colalillo

If you’ve been following our blog you already know that we’re huge HGTV fans. Remember our PARA Blog Crew submission video?? Yea….it’s a problem. On any given day you can pretty much guarantee there’s an episode of one of HGTV Canada’s many awesome shows providing the soundtrack to our household. One show in particular that […]

The basement continued: The quest for more headroom

Things are moving along in the basement. We decided to use a bench-footing technique to gain more headroom. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, “bench-footing” is similar to “underpinning” which are both basically just fancy pants construction words for the process of lowering the basement floor.

Switching focus: Planning the basement

In our last post I mentioned that we’ve been biding our time until the windows arrive. As you know, up until now, we’ve primarily been focusing our construction efforts on the main living space of the house. But now that we’ve got a little time to burn, we’re switching our focus to the basement.