Design Week: The Exterior – It’s reveal day!

Today is the final day in our Design Week series! We’ve taken you behind the scenes on the exterior, from inspiration, material choices, and the many, MANY decisions on colour. Now it’s finally time to see how it’s all coming together. It’s been a long journey to get to this point, and it wasn’t easy, […]

Choosing Exterior Colours - The Dreamhouse Project

Design Week: The Exterior – Colour choice craziness!

The amount of colour choices that go into the exterior of a house is ASTONISHING! I always anticipated that the interior design decisions would be hard but it never crossed my mind that choosing colours for the exterior materials would make me want to tear my hair out. We were going through so many options […]

Design Week: The Exterior – Mixing Materials

After narrowing in on the look we were going for, we set out to finding the right materials to accomplish it. While finding someone like the WDR Roofing Company to do the roof is easy enough, it turns out – we simply live on the wrong coast for most other things. Who knew?? Apparently the […]