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Today we're continuing the conversation on countertop surfaces we're considering for the kitchen. In part 1 we drooled all over quartz, part 2 focused on the pros & cons of Corian, and this final instalment is all about polished concrete. Kes and I are BIG fans of polished concrete. I think mostly because it reminds us of those modern converted lofts that we love so much. There's just something cool, sleek & sexy about it

If you've been following along, yesterday we kicked off our discussion of the various countertop surfaces we're considering for our kitchen. In part 1 we shared our ultimate love for quartz. Today we'll be taking a closer look at Corian. Again for the newbies, Corian itself is not a type of material. It's actually just the most popular brand of solid surface countertops made by DuPont. It's manufactured by blending acrylic polymers and stone-derived materials into a mix which is then poured into molds. This method allows for integrated sinks, which no other material offers. Some of the other pros include: A wide