Final package - keys, & note for the new owners

Well it’s closing day and it’s with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to our first home.

All the hard work and stress of moving aside, and as much as we  are looking forward to starting our next chapter with the new house, I couldn’t help feeling a little sad as I took my last walk through the empty house – and with the hubby being away this week, I had to do this one solo.

We have so many memories here, amassed in just three short years. This is the the place where we started our family – closing just the week before our son arrived.

Standing for the last time in the kitchen, I remember having our little Prince,  just days old, upstairs asleep in his playpen while I sanded, primed and painted the cupboards.

There’s the now empty mantel, that used to be home to our engagement photo canvas that was used as the guestbook at our wedding.

There’s the feature wall in our bedroom that we had always planned to paint out – then of course never got around to doing until we were prepping to sell and only got to enjoy for a few weeks.

And then of course there is the mural I painted by hand in Kash’s room – my labour of love, which we made a special trip earlier in the week for him to say goodbye to.

All seemingly little things…but memories dear to my heart just the same.

It’s been a wonderful house to us.  A place to call home. I’m a little sad to leave it behind, but know it will bring great memories to it’s new owners.

For us, it’s simply time to move forward.