Kes enjoying the view on our walk

It’s June!! And with the arrival (finally) of warmer temperatures we’ve been itching to enjoy the outdoors. So yesterday after taking some time with Lisa to do an interior design walk through of the house, we decided to venture out for a walk around the neighbourhood.

We headed down to the foot of our street where there is an entrance to the Waterfront trails and had a little sneak peek of how we’ll get to spend our summers for the foreseeable future.

Scoping out the neighborhood
Off to scope out the neighborhood!
Path to the waterfront trail
Path to the waterfront trail

It’s so AWESOME to have all this, literally just steps from our door…

Photo: View off one side of the bridge
View off one side of the bridge. LOVING the close proximity to nature!
Overlooking the lake from the bridge
Overlooking the lake from the bridge

Funny how we thought we had done our research before we bought the house. I guess we weren’t all that thorough, lol. I mean, we knew in theory we’d love the proximity to the waterfront trails and all the green space, but we’re SO much more excited now that we’ve actually walked the area and experienced it first hand. We’re walking distance from Petticoat Creek!  I can already picture the family walks, picnics and bike rides we’ll get to enjoy for many summers to come – not to mention the mat-leave strolls I’ll hopefully someday be taking along the trails with baby #2…

Sigh…right – 1 project at a time.  Let’s get this house built first!

  • June 3, 2013

    Can’t wait to join you on those walks! Definitely miss that neighbourhood!

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