5 years. A 4 year old. 3 addresses. 2 hearts. 1 lifetime.

5 years ago today on a rainy afternoon, perched on a cliff at the edge of paradise, I married my best friend.  Although we’d been together as a couple for many eight years prior, that day was the beginning of a new chapter for us.  Today marks the anniversary of what I like to call the “grown up” phase of our life together and in celebration of the pride I feel in reaching that milestone, I thought I’d offer you a glimpse behind the Dreamhouse.  We’ll be taking a look back at some of the moments that have made the last 5 years so special.

On Monday morning we’ll be saying a short farewell to our little man as we fly out to spend a week at Dreams Puerto Aventuras in the Mayan Riviera.  The plan is to relax, de-stress & enjoy some much needed ‘Mommy/Daddy time’ so that we can come beck refreshed and ready to get things moving on the Dreamhouse front.  You might see us check in with the odd photo here or there, but for the most part, we’ll be trying to stay unplugged next week.

When we get back we’ll be sure to post all of the awesomeness we get up to at BlogPodium tomorrow, but until then..

Happy anniversary my love.  I have loved you every moment of these 5 years (and long before). Looking forward to the next 55.  xo

16 thoughts on “5 years. A 4 year old. 3 addresses. 2 hearts. 1 lifetime.

  1. Happy Anniversary to the two of you. Enjoy your trip and we will be looking after your little man while you are away. Hope I don’t have to send him down to Mexico….LOL….
    Love Mum and Dad

    1. Thanks Casey! Sorry for the late response – really tried to stay as unplugged as possible while we were away. We had a wonderful time – both happy & a little sad to be back to reality, lol, but seeing our little man definitely helps. 🙂 It was really great meeting you last week – look forward to following your blog!

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