work·ca·tion (noun)
1. A period of vacation from normal work activities, not used for rest, recreation, or travel, but rather used to work your house:  Eg. Team Dreamhouse is on workcation right now.

This week Kes and I decided to take the week off to knock a huge DIY off our to-do list.  We’ll be installing our radiant in-floor heating system.  We’ll get into the full details of radiant heating in a more in-depth post in the coming weeks, but right now I just wanted to give you a quick glimpse into the fun we’ve been having so far…

Day 1

We started off by getting the manifolds for our radiant system put together & soldered, then getting things prepped on site for our week.

Day 2

Getting over the learning curve!  We ran the first & most complex of our pex runs with surprisingly little trial & error.

First run connected to the manifold to be pressure tested

First run connected to the manifold to be pressure tested

Day 3

Pex runs continued.

Last loop of the day!

Last loop of the day!

We also spent a good deal of the day cleaning & clearing out the space to prep for insulation (which is starting tomorrow!!)

All in all, not bad for a few days’ work.  We’re feeling a huge sense of accomplishment – even if it does come with a few sore & tired muscles!

Aaaaaaand now we’re off to bed… 🙂