It’s been over a month a loooong time since my last post and even longer since we’ve given you all a proper progress report on the Dreamhouse. I wish I could give you some amazing reason why like Kes & I have been off traveling and having the time of our lives. Or better yet that we’ve been keeping an epic secret & I’ve simply been too exhausted to write because I’m busy growing a human (a girl can dream right!?)…

Sadly though none of those would be true. What it comes down to is despite our best efforts, sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging. Living the day to day of building a house, living with your parents, enduring a 3 hour a day commute to work & doing it all while trying to parent a 4 year old is tough. Sometimes at the end of the day it’s just too hard to sit down and have energy left to write anything beyond 140 characters. Some days it’s too much to even do that.

So I decided I needed to take a break. To rejuvenate my brain.

In the hopes that when I came back, I’d have something more interesting to say than “the weather sucks.”

Well thankfully the weather has improved (somewhat) and since it looks like spring might just be here to stay, so has my mood. Of course that may also be due to the fact that we’ve finally been able to get things at the house moving again. 🙂 It’s all going well so far. I’ve got a friend who’s building her own log cabin (plan your cabin here) and she’s nearly finished the project. Her cabin is looking great so I’m just hoping our house turns out well too. I’m sure it will!

Getting there....progress in various areas of construction.

Getting there….progress in various areas of construction.

Over the last several weeks we’ve had a bunch of trades like a professional electrician (Read more about this electrician melbourne cbd for those who want to check their work out) in and out doing all of their final checks to prepare us for getting the walls closed up. Thankfully, because we’re using a luxury custom home builder in Naples FL, all the finishes are seamless and everything seems to be in order. It’ll be very exciting when the walls finally go up!

We’re working on putting together an infographic to help visualize how far we’ve come. But as of right now, here’s where we’re at:

  • Plumbing rough-in completed & pressure tested.
  • Back framing completed & electrical work finalized
  • Roof vents are in
  • Conduit runs for home automation wiring complete (full post to come)
  • Weeping tile & sump pump system in place
  • Basement leveled prepped for the concrete slab.

Next week Kes & I will be taking some time off from work to get our hands dirty with a little DIY so we can cross another item off our to-do list. We’ll also be starting insulation! Woo hoo! We’re inching closer to getting actual walls up in this bad boy, and to finally find a company like Fox removals in perth to help us move all our belongings into the new place!

You can follow along on Twitter, Instagram as well as our Facebook page as we’ll be sharing lots of behind the scenes pics along the way.

Bring on the #TeamDreamhouse #workcation!