Choosing the right furniture for a kids bedroom can be overwhelming. It often takes patience and planning to select pieces that can last through their ever-changing needs and tastes.  For our 8-year old son’s recent bedroom makeover, we partnered with The Brick to upgrade the furniture in Kash’s space and have compiled our best 3 tips to help you navigate the process.

1. Think Ahead

When making an investment on big ticket items like bedroom furniture, consider pieces that will grow with them.  While a trundle bed or bunk beds are fun options for a kids room, they aren’t always the most practical choices long term.  If you have the space to accommodate it, opting for a full sized bed will offer more bang for your buck since it won’t be something you’ll need to replace as your child grows.

Stanton Queen Platform Bed from The Brick featured in our Modern Marvel Bedroom makeover

For Kash’s ‘Modern Marvel’ Bedroom, we chose the Stanton Queen Platform Bed from The Brick. In creating a ‘big boy’ bedroom for our son, one of our goals was to create a space that wouldn’t feel like an 8 year old’s room in 3 – 5 years.  Opting for a Queen size bed means he’ll have a piece of furniture that will last him well into his teen years and potentially beyond.

Stanton Queen Platform Bed from The Brick is a great choice for kids bedroom furniture

2. Keep it neutral

When shopping for kids bedroom furniture it can be tempting to choose something colourful or themed after their favourite characters. Opting instead for pieces with clean, simple lines & a neutral colour will provide much more versatility.

Stanton Queen Platform Bed and Chest from The Brick

We created a superhero inspired bedroom for Kash, but we chose to focus on patterns and textures that felt like they belonged in the ‘superhero world’ rather than furniture featuring superhero styling or iconography.

The high-gloss white finish & silver mirrored inset strips on the Stanton collection were the perfect choice.  It’s sleek, modern styling lends itself to the futuristic vibe we created in the room.  We just love how it catches the light and reflects back the colours used elsewhere in the space!

High-gloss finish on the Stanton Queen Platform Bed from The Brick
High-gloss finish and silver inset strips on the Stanton Chest from The Brick
Keeping themed elements to accents & artwork allows your kids bedroom furniture to be more versatile.

Keeping the more traditionally superhero themed elements limited to accents & accessories allows us to change things around as Kash matures and his interests change. Although if we’re being perfectly honest, we don’t see his love of superheroes fading any time soon!

Superhero themed elements decor accents in our Modern Marvel Bedroom makeover.
Superhero light boxes & decor accents in our Modern Marvel Bedroom makeover allow us to keep the furniture neutral.

3. Spring for Quality

Spending a little extra on quality kids bedroom furniture will save you in the long run. Quality pieces will stand up to time (and the inevitable monkeys jumping on the bed)!

Quality pieces like the Stanton collection from The Brick can save you money in the long run.

Kids tend to sleep longer than adults, so it’s important to ensure their growing bodies are properly supported. Having a good mattress is essential.  Opting for a platform bed like the Stanton instead of one that requires an additional boxspring can allow you to splurge on a better quality mattress and take into account factors like support type and comfort level.

Opting for a platform bed like the Stanton from The Brick can allow you to splurge on a better quality mattress

Finally, when shopping for a dresser, be on the look out for those extra little features that indicate a quality piece of furniture.

Look for quality features in your dressers and chests

The Stanton Chest we chose for Kash’s bedroom features a velvet lined top drawer which is a nice little luxury. It makes for the perfect place to organize all his little ties & belts and keeps them from sliding around as the drawer is opened and closed.

Velvet inlay in the top drawer of the Stanton Chest from The Brick
Stanton Chest from The Brick featured in our Modern Marvel Boys Bedroom | The Dreamhouse Project

Shopping for kids bedroom furniture doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Simply keep these 3 tips in mind, and you’ll be be sure to make the right choices to create a fun & functional kids bedroom space.

Modern Marvel Boy's Bedroom by The Dreamhouse Project - featuring the Stanton Queen Platform Bed & Chest from The Brick

What are some of your favourite furniture shopping tips?  Tell us in the comments below!

Disclaimer – This post was sponsored by The Brick. Furniture was provided in exchange for our honest reviews. All opinions are our own.

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