We’re very late with our update this week. It’s week 5 of our One Room Challenge which means there’s only ONE WEEK LEFT!! It’s serious crunch time and after the setbacks last week we’re having to make some adjustments to the plan.

First off, our plumber still hasn’t made an appearance…which means that this is the state of our bedroom feature wall right now. I’m going to start looking for other plumbers near me soon if he doesn’t make a show as we’re desperate for a plumber! This is not something we can do ourselves so we certainly need a professional on the job. We hope he didn’t have an accident, on his way here and if he did we hoped he had good van compare insurance to help him back on the road again!


Our Brizo shower fixtures waiting to be installed

I know. Not exactly what you’d hope for just one short week until reveal day right?! So we think it’s time to make the call. We’re officially taking Dream Bedroom off the list. With the wall still open, there just absolutely won’t be time to get it all done. Instead we’ll just be focusing all of our efforts for this last week on the en-suite.

That said, without yet having plumbing fixtures installed, our Master Bath Retreat is going to be a bit bare if we don’t make some serious progress in the next few days! As soon as the plumbing is done, we’ll let you know how it goes but in the meantime, If you need more info, for tips and tricks on how best to maintain the plumbing & heating systems in your home then visit the above link.

On the bright side, we were however able get the space painted this week, and I’m loving how bright and fresh it’s all looking!


The walls were given 2 coats of PARA Butterfly Jasmine (PF-26). For the ceiling we painted it PARA Sterling Spoon (PF-71), cut by 50% with white, since it flows into the bedroom space which you might remember we had also planned to paint in Sterling Spoon. I’m really liking how the soft grey on the ceiling offsets the white walls. (It’s a bit hard to tell from the iPhone pics – sorry – but I promise by next week, you’ll be able to see it in all it’s DSLR glory!)

As you can also see, our sconces for the vanity are still to be installed. We don’t have them yet, but we have finally decided on the fixtures so we’ll be picking them up and getting them installed them this weekend. We also got the vanities installed & countertop in place (although it still needs to be siliconed). Our Loft sinks are in place as well, even though obviously the drains have yet to be plumbed. We are hoping that this will be done soon because the last thing we want to have on our mind is a blocked drain. The smell would be bad enough, but I can’t bear the thought of it overflowing or being blocked. Although, my friend did say that a company like FS Drainage, (https://fsdrainage.com/drain-unblocking-services/london/) were lifesavers for her when she thought that she had a similar problem. They did a thorough inspection and were able to carry out the necessary repairs in no time, so I guess we always have a resolution. But I’m hoping that this is something that we don’t need to think about.


Love these sinks!


Close up of our Loft counter sinks and DIY quartz tile countertop

This week, we’ll also be working on getting all of this….


Our shower fixtures, toilet & other random items being stored in our closet.

…put in their respective places. Remember that PARA Pixie Pop (PF-3) accent we mentioned??

PARA Pixie Pop - PF3

Well we have something special up our sleeves for that. You’ll have to come back next week to see! Hint….it involves a certain eyesore above…

Here’s one last look at where we’re at…

  • Install in-floor heating mat in the en-suite
  • Build shower base & waterproof walls
  • Lay Ditra underlayment & tile bathroom floors
  • Tile shower floor & walls
  • Run plumbing for shower
  • Connect vanity sink drains
  • Install wall-mounted faucets
  • Install shower fixtures
  • Install toilet
  • Paint entire space
  • Assemble & hang vanity
  • Create countertop
  • Finish trim & baseboards
  • Install light fixtures
  • Clean
  • Style the room

So there’s still lots to do and not a whole lot of time left. We’ve got a brutal week ahead and a bit of an uphill battle. Wish us luck!

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Come back next week for the big reveal!! We’re feeling both excited and stressed about it since it’s going to be the first completed space in the Dreamhouse.

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