Our creepy backyard home to the pet cemetary

Well folks, today is October 31st and we thought it fitting to share this little bit of news today.  Apparently we’ve got ourselves a pet cemetery…

No, seriously.  Ok, wait. Let’s backtrack.  So a couple of days after we closed on the house, we encountered one of our new neighbours who was so kind as to inform us of the habits of our previous owner.  The conversation went something like this:

Hey there!  Doing some renovations are you?

Hi! Yea, we are.

Oh ok…sooo….did anyone tell you about the dogs?

Ummm… No. What dogs??

Oh yea…well your previous owner there buried all his dead dogs in the backyard.

…. [blank stare]

Yea…right in the middle of your yard, right by where the bird bath was? Well not too far down there’s a metal box.  Buried his dogs in there.

…. [continued blank stare] Are you serious???

[huge laugh] Yea yea…every time one of his dogs died…in it went.  Sooo, yea…if you’re doing any digging around back there and you encounter a big box…DON’T OPEN IT!

This is SO not a Halloween prank.  That conversation actually happened.  Thankfully our house isn’t built on any ancient Indian burial grounds (that we know of) so the chances of any undead pets or family members coming back to haunt us are slim.  Either way we won’t be burying anything else in this backyard in the near future!  As a matter of fact, the second the excavation crew gets in there, we want that box GONE.  Does anyone know how we would even go about disposing of that?? Just the thought…ugh!

Anyway, in honour Halloween (and our own personal horror story, lol), here’s a look back at Stephen King’s 1989  classic and DEFINITELY one of the scariest movies from our 80’s childhood…

  • November 1, 2012

    *mouth still open* at the silver box buried in the backyard

  • Jen
    November 1, 2012

    Is this weird? Growing up, we always buried the pets in the backyard. But then, I’m from Midland. Maybe it’s a city thing LOL

    • Kester
      November 1, 2012

      Burying pets in the backyard on it’s own… Not so weird. They go in the ground, they decompose, they return to the earth. Awesome. Burying all your dead pets, in a metal box that someone may find and open with delightful curioisity… NOT OKAY!!! LOL.

  • November 1, 2012

    I can just imagine thinking you’ve dug up a big time capsule or a hidden treasure only to open the box to find…that…eeep!

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