October 2012

Well we've had a fantastic trip! We cruised around the Caribbean islands of St. Thomas USVI, Barbados, St. Lucia, and St. Kitts; celebrated a 35th anniversary, celebrated a 65th birthday, spent some quality time with family and most importantly, got some MUCH needed R&R!  Not bad for 8 days huh? We're just about set to fly home tomorrow, but while we've been enjoying the break from reality, you know we couldn't go on vacation and completely rid our minds of all things Dreamhouse right?!?  Check out the gorgeous modern decor we came across today when we checked in to our hotel

After having a little fun last night, we decided to leave the rest to the professionals who came in today to get started with the real demo work.  Here's a quick peek at the progress at the end of the first day. Next week we'll be blogging on vacation as we're heading out Saturday morning for a Caribbean cruise with the family. We'll check in on the demolition progress when we return.

Well today was closing day.  Sort of.  At least it was supposed to be.  As it turns out, however there was an error in the mortgage paperwork that caused a delay in the final release of funds between the bank and our lawyer's office.  Despite everyone's feverish attempts to rectify things, ultimately the clock just ran out before the issue could be resolved. So here we are, at end of day with no keys in hand.  :-(  Closing is being pushed until tomorrow and right out the gate our construction schedule is being delayed by a day