To DIY or not to DIY…

That is the question…. Ok so Kes and I need you to settle an argument. Well..I guess it’s not so much an argument as it is a DIY dilemma. Anyone who regularly reads this blog will be aware of how much we love a bit of DIY! I’ve spent most of my free time this week looking at various stick welding brands with one eye on future projects. In the meantime, we have a real dilemma over this coffee table.

So here’s the thing. When searching for inspiration to create our family room mood board Kes came across an amazing coffee table and has since fallen in love with it (and from the comments on our last post, so have many of you). He’s decided we MUST have it and set out to find a local supplier. In case you’ve already forgotten, I’m referring to this guy:

DIY Dilemma option 1: Modern industrial coffee table via

Don’t get me wrong, I love the table. It’s a bit rustic, a lot industrial, and pretty much all sexy. I get it. But anyone who knows me (or has been following along for a while) knows that I’m a project girl. I love me a good DIY. Kes thinks I’m a chronic over-acheiver, and fine, maybe I am. But there’s just nothing like the satisfaction of completing something and knowing that you did it with your own hands.

And the thing is, we already have a coffee table.

DIY Dilemma option 2: Dreamhouse Project coffee table
Our current coffee table. My choice for a little DIY love
Dreamhouse Project coffee table side view
Side view. Really like the detailing on this coffee table

This beauty used to be my sister’s but when she was moving and realized it probably wouldn’t fit in her new space she was all set to get rid of it until we stepped in and saved it from the dump. Though a little worse for wear right now, it’s a good size for our space, and is perfect for entertaining because should you ever need it to, the table top literally DOUBLES in size.

Easy as one..

Dreamhouse Project coffee table derails


Dreamhouse Project coffee table le expanding detail


Dreamhouse Project coffee table fully opened to double size

How awesome is that?? I mean it transforms!! We have a transformer table. Come on…

Ok, granted it’s not as sexy, and it doesn’t quite have the industrial edge that the other one does. But to me, a little sanding, stain & spray painted hardware can bring this baby a loooong way toward the look we’re going for.

Kes thinks between the chairs, & the media wall (which we haven’t started yet), we already have enough projects slated for the family room so why not treat ourselves to a sexy new coffee table.

I say, why buy when we can DIY? 🙂

What do you guys think?? Help us settle our DIY dilemma in the comments!

16 thoughts on “To DIY or not to DIY…

  1. What a great looking coffee table! Ummm…. Sorry Kester… Sand, Stain and you have a brand new table. Granted you may have other projects on the go, I don’t think this job should take too long. It helps that the table is in pretty damn good shape! Can’t wait to see the pics of the finished product!!

  2. You could even just change the legs out to something a little more industrial and give it a good sanding and new finish and it would look great I think!

  3. Hmm, I do love a good DIY but I might have to side with Kes on this one, that industrial table is ???. Though you could probably remove the bottom half of your current and install some industrial wheels and refinish to look similar to the new one. Hard choice!

    1. Finally some love for #TeamBuy. Although the idea of adding some DIY industrial flare to the existing table is an interesting compromise.

  4. We have that exact same table that Kes likes, picked it up at Aberfoyle Market for $400. It’s so heavy and also very low to the ground. Well ours is anyways and we can’t use it now because it’s pretty much a hazard in itself with a small baby. The thing with the above table is you have nothing to lose. Try to sand it down and stain it and I like Casey’s idea of new legs. If in the end you dislike it get the table you want! 🙂

  5. Love both ideas – it seems like a straightforward enough DIY, but…with everything else…treat yourself – sometimes you need the immediate payoff to motivate yourself for all the other things! Which doesn’t help you, really….lol.

    1. Radha I’ve always said that you are wise and knowledgeable beyond your years. ? We COULD use a little treat between all the DIY projects Tash has planned.

  6. They’re both great tables, each in their own individual ways… it’s a bit of an apples or oranges choice. I love Kes’s choice… I have since the first time I saw that kind of industrial, heavy metal wheeled, aged wood, coolness. But I could see your table, newly stained, maybe accented in the legs or trim, looking very sleek and vintage-modern… and it expands! Do you have any other area that will need a low table? DIY the one when you can, but get the new one for here and now?

    1. Great point. We have plans for a conversation area that is adjacent to the family room so we could use the DIY table over there. Thanks for the suggestion.

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