Window trim upgraded with Metrie Option M Vintage Industrial casing

We’re finally into the home stretch of our dream kitchen makeover. It’s week 6 – which if you’re familiar with the One Room Challenge is typically the day of the big reveal. This round however because of all the hurricanes & flooding that have impacted so many people across the US over the last few months, the reveal date has been extended to give everyone an extra week. Thankfully we haven’t been hit with any natural disasters, but we’ve definitely had our share of setbacks in the kitchen so for us, that extra week has been a bit of a blessing in disguise. Maybe you’re considering renovating your kitchen and something like a trending white transitional kitchen is the look you’re after. No matter what you have in mind, hopefully, this can translate in reality, so you can get the kitchen you’ve dreamed of.

If you’re new here and need to get caught up, you can check out our previous weeks’ progress below:

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And now back to week 6…

Dream Kitchen Progress

As with any renovation project we take on, we kind of expected that it would get messy. Well, things in the kitchen have descended into chaos – which has subsequently spread to our entire main floor.

We have however made some big improvements this week. If you follow us on Instagram & watched any of our stories, you might have seen a sneek peek of the backsplash tile we installed as well as our beautiful new trim & door from Metrie.

There’s nothing like installing doors, trim & baseboards to make you feel like you’re finally getting to the end of a project. We partnered with Metrie to upgrade our powder room door & surrounding trim & baseboards since it sits in full line of sight from our kitchen and leaves MUCH to be desired.

Powder room door - before

Because our style leans so heavily toward modern, Kes and I have never really been a fan of heavy moulding in interior spaces. When we initially finished the house we installed very simple, unembellished trim & baseboards everywhere, which did help achieve the modern look we were going for, but always felt a bit… flat. We didn’t know what it was that was missing until we discovered the Option M Vintage Industrial line from Metrie. It has all the clean lines & sharp angles we wanted, but the detailing also adds just the tiniest bit of sophistication that gives the space the polished feel it needed. This saved us on considering taking out the windows and replacing them – we know a couple down south that decided to do just that after talking with Graceland Windows and Doors – which saves us time, money, and spares us more chaos throughout the house.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the renovation was to pick our kitchen countertops, as this is always going to be the most eye-catching element of the design. When you walk into a kitchen you are encompassed by the countertops and therefore, it was important for us to pick the right ones, so we would not have to change them for many years to come. There are many places that you can get a great kitchen countertop service from, such as Panda. Kitchen and Bath, which provides custom kitchen cabinets in Richmond. So, if you are thinking of renovating make sure that you are certain about the choices you are making so that you don’t want to change them sooner than they’ve been installed.

For the powder room, we chose the Melrose Moulded Panel Door which coordinates beautifully with the Vintage Industrial elements we chose for the rest of the space. We painted the door in PARA ‘Mama’s Boy(P5205-62D), which we’ll be using on all of the interior doors in the Dreamhouse.

We still have to finish painting the trim, but it’s elevating the look of the space so much already and we couldn’t be happier with it. We are already thinking about painting some of the walls, as it looks old and grubby seeing as the trims have been refreshed. Seeing as we have a lot more changes and improvements that need to be doing to our home, our time will be limited on this project and so we may need to contact someone similar to these stl painters who can get on with the job in the meantime. At least it will relieve some pressure from us. It’s an idea that we’re deeply considering. We’ll definitely be replacing all the rest of the trim & baseboards in the house in the near future!

So what do you think? We still have lots of final details to add and a WHOLE LOT of cleaning before we’ll be anywhere near camera ready for next week’s reveal, but it’s so satisfying knowing that I’ll have my house back in just under 7 days!

Before we go, let’s check in on our list one last time…

The to-do list:

  • Source backsplash tile options
  • Research countertop options
  • Research sink options
  • Source electrical work
  • Choose countertop
  • Finalize lighting choices
  • Paint window wall frames
  • Update electrical for island pendants
  • Wire island for outlets & bar fridge
  • Purchase bar stools
  • Build & mount open shelving
  • Install under cabinet lighting
  • Replace window/door trim
  • Purchase bar fridge
  • Purchase backsplash tile
  • Install sink
  • Have countertops cut & installed
  • Install backsplash
  • Install new faucet
  • Paint trim & baseboards
  • Install pendant lights
  • Install wall sconces
  • CLEAN!!!
  • Style & accessorize

It’s crunch time!! Don’t forget to check back here next Thursday for the final reveal of our dream kitchen!

Disclosure: This post was brought to you in partnership with Metrie who provided a door & mouldings for our kitchen makeover. As always, opinions are our own.