Kes Planning the dry fit space

Happy Friday friends!! Well, Project Santa is well under way and if you’ve been following our behind the scenes progress on Twitter and Instagram you know that we created a workspace in the basement to stage and dry fit everything.  By measuring and taping off the dimensions of the laundry room, it basically it gave us a place to plan, construct, & assemble all the elements to see how things would all fit together before we got into the actual space.  It also allowed us to do all that, without forcing my parents to go without a laundry room for 2 weeks while we carry out our little transformation.

Dry fit space all taped out
Dry fit space all taped out

Once we had the space set up, we got down to business planning, choosing colours and sourcing materials that would help make it functional.  Of course like any DIYer we spent some hours in a Pinterest hole scouring the web for ideas and once we had a solid plan, we set out to execute.

The first stop was our local ReStore. If you’re working on a DIY project & have never been to a ReStore you need to go.  Like now.  Well – finish reading the blog first – but then immediately after that you should totally go.  You can find some amazing stuff at bargain basement prices and best of all, all of the proceeds go to help fund Habitat homebuilding projects.   I mean, in the spirit of the season & giving back, what better way is there – especially when it saves you a little cash.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore
Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Because we’ve kept the majority of the details of the laundry room makeover a secret thus far (and because my mom reads this blog), I won’t be sharing too many of the specifics of what we’re doing until it’s time for the big reveal – sorry guys!  One thing I can share with you is the fun we’ve been getting up to with paint!

Choosing paint colours was incredibly difficult – especially given that my mom gave us free reign and we had what felt like a bazillion colours to choose from thanks to the amazing architecture kit we received from PARA as members of the 2014 Blog Crew.

PARA Designer Kit - SO many colour choices!
PARA Designer Kit – SO many colour choices!

We knew we wanted a cool, soothing palette and after sifting through the various shades of whites, greys, & soft blues, we settled on the combination of On the Tarmac (P5202-34) & White Collar (P5248-14).

Once colours & were sorted, I left Kes who was was hard at work getting things built & prepped in the basement, and set out to taping & priming the laundry room with PARA Premium Latex Primer (5799).  Can I just take a quick second to say how head over heels in love I fell with this primer!?  It goes on butter smooth and hides just about any imperfection your wall can throw at it.  I can’t wait to get the colour on the wall!

I’ll leave you with a few sneak peeks of our dry fit progress…

Can you guess what I’m setting up for next?? 😉

  • Keisha
    December 20, 2013

    Looking good so far – can’t wait to see the finished product! Ps. I love the restore!

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