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We've walked you through the main floor, as well as the upstairs, so now we figured it's only fair to show you how it all came together from the outside. Front exterior view Rear exterior view It's one thing to see it on paper, but now to actually have the structure up & be able to grasp the scale & depth of things, only then do you really see the beauty of the angles of the design

We've been mentioning Kevin and KW Design a lot on the blog lately and you must be wondering - '"who is this Kevin we keep hearing so much about??" Well we thought it was about time we made some formal introductions. Kevin is the owner and Principal Designer of KW Design. With an extensive background in both architectural design, and construction we consider him the most important person on Team Dreamhouse, as he is acting as both designer and project manager. When dealing with architectural design there is a lot that will come and go to make the home that we