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We’ve been mentioning Kevin and KW Design a lot on the blog lately and you must be wondering – ‘”who is this Kevin we keep hearing so much about??” Well we thought it was about time we made some formal introductions.

Kevin is the owner and Principal Designer of KW Design. With an extensive background in both architectural design, and construction we consider him the most important person on Team Dreamhouse, as he is acting as both designer and project manager. When dealing with architectural design there is a lot that will come and go to make the home that we consider our dream, we will go through many design concepts so having someone who understands our vision and can work with us is refreshing. We need someone who knows how a Multifunctional FSB 1155 Lever will work on our doors as well as having us pick out the correct frame design for our windows. The finest details are essential to creating the whole picture.

Did we mention that on top of all that he’s family?? Yea, it’s nice to be able to have that kind of talent so close to home. Get it? Ok that was bad…in any case Kevin just happens to be Kes’ big brother, was the best man at our wedding, and there’s no other person we’d trust to take on this hugely important project with us.

Growing up and watching his big bro head out on his own to build a successful business, Kes has always been Kevin’s #1 supporter.  When the time came for Kes to start up on his own, Kevin took a leap of faith and KW Design was one of the first websites he designed and built.  So now, several years later, it’s kind of awesome to be at a place in our lives where we can return the favour in a real way…by hiring Kev to design and build us a super awesome home! (On a side note – Kev – we PROMISE that your new website will be complete before the house is, lol!)

Next week we’ll be kicking off ‘Design Week’ and taking you back to go through the house design, Kevin’s process, and FINALLY revealing the Dreamhouse on paper! Stay tuned…

  • January 11, 2013

    2 successful men, one family – that’s awesome. I haven’t read all the posts yet but I assume Kes built this site? If so, great job! I look forward to watching the house develop.

    Good luck!

    A reader who is not your Mom. 🙂
    aka Lyvonne from the essentials inside on Houzz

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