We Made the Cut!!

We’ve got some big news to share today.   Remember that video we shot a few weeks ago for PARA Paints??  Well last week PARA announced the names of the 5 lucky winners that were chosen to be a part of the 2014 PARA Blog Crew…and guess who made the cut!?!

That’s right!  If you missed the announcement, you can head on over to PARA’s Facebook Page, for all the details.  Kes & I along with 4 other amazing bloggers will be sharing all our DIY adventures over the next year using UNLIMITED PARA paint!

We couldn’t be more excited! So in honour of ‘making the cut’ we thought we’d share a few of the ‘cut’ scenes from our video submission.


(And PARA – if you’re watching….please don’t hold this against us & change your minds….)


Oh yea! Be sure to check out the rest of the fantastic members of the Blog Crew!

PARA Blog Crew



Pink Little Notebook
Saige Wisdom
Newberry Sykes Design & Decor Blog
Sweet Suite 10





Happy Friday!! 

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