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Random Acts of Paint: An Elegant Family Room Makeover

If you’re lucky in life, you’re blessed with the kind of friendship that spans decades. Through breakups, triumphs, & crazy vacations; loves, loses, adventures & many many glasses of wine, I’ve been blessed to have an amazing friend by my side. Angela of Metta in Motion Yoga is one of my closest friends. Friends from childhood we weren’t always as close as we are now, but as we grew into womanhood together, I came to realize she’s my kindred spirit of sorts. She’s my person. My go to when I want to want to ‘shop, share, heal, hurt, joke, or just be’. So when Kes and I came up with the idea of paying forward our PARA Blog Crew windfall by performing Random Acts of Paint, there was one person who came to mind first.

Ang & her amazing hubby Dwayne – or ‘Dwange’ as we like to call them (because they’re so awesome they need their own Hollywood hybrid nickname) – moved into their new house last spring & since then they’ve been slowly working on making it their own. Now that they’ve got a little one on the way, that leisurely pace has begun to pick up as they’re eager to get their house in order before they’re consumed by all things baby! Maybe if they’d gone with a Deer Park Realtor, they would have been able to find the ideal house that wouldn’t need any adjustments whatsoever, but they seem to be happy regardless.

One of the first things Dwange did when they moved in was to put some super stylish plantation window shutters into most of the windows in the house, including in this family room. I don’t know where they got them from, but they are very similar to the ones from The Great British Shutter Company and they look amazing! However, that is just about the only thing they’ve ever done to this room since they moved in.

Angela has an impeccable sense of style so it’s no surprise that she had bold intentions for their family room space. Her plan was to take inspiration from this amazing peacock painting she’d found at HomeSense to create an elegant yet cozy space with just a touch of glam.

Peacock painting
The inspiration: This beautiful peacock painting from HomeSense

Intentions are one thing, however, morning all day sickness is another. Ang had a REALLY rough go of things through the first trimester of her pregnancy and between the nausea and exhaustion it pretty much put a halt to a lot of her ‘nesting’ plans. And with ‘Daddy-to-be’ having his hands full taking care of my girl AND readying the nursery for their little angel, we figured they could use a bit of help.

We thought it would be a fun idea to take over their house Renovation Raiders style as a surprise for Angela. I figure, after months of being sick, what better thing to come home to than a cozy space to be able to curl up in – especially when it’s one you’ve been planning & envisioning for months. So after a little coordination with hubby on a weekend they’d be out of town, we let ourselves in & worked a little family room makeover magic.

Using this…

PARA Paint and swatches
PARA P5018-85 ‘Deep Water Dive’ and PARA P2089-00 ‘Whitewash White’

To turn this…

Dwange family room before
Ang & Dwayne’s family room before

Into this…

mixing paint
Kes gettin his mix on!
Getting to work with the right tools
Getting to work with the right tools – some PARA Paint,
our Ryobi 18V ONE+ Drill with paint mixing bit & our HomeRight EZ Twist Paint Stick
After a couple of coats
After a couple coats of PARA Deep Water Dive

And finally THIS!

Family room makeover after
…and here it is NOW!
Fireplace focal point

I love how the PARA Deep Water Dive completely breathes new life into the space and turns the fireplace into a statement focal point for the room. I also love how the stark contrast of the trim in PARA Whitewash White gives the whole thing a clean finish.

Family room after - so much more inviting
So much more inviting!
Family room makover details
A few of the details..

It’s still a bit of a work in progress. The room won’t really be complete until they get some baby pics up on this wall!

One final wall to finish
One final wall to finish…

Just a few more months now guys…CAN’T WAIT!


29 thoughts on “Random Acts of Paint: An Elegant Family Room Makeover

    1. Thanks Virginia! It is gorgeous, isn’t it? Angela has great taste. I don’t know if I would have the guts to do a colour this bold in our house but I LOVE it so much I might just have to step out of my comfort zone when we get around to painting the Dreamhouse.

  1. Once again a big thanks to you both! We are blessed to have such kind, caring friends and we are loving the new space – slowly getting things up on the walls to make it feel even more like home and baby pics will definitely finish it off! 🙂

    1. You’re so very welcome guys! We’re really glad that we were able to do this for you. Your vision for the space materialized even better than I imagined it would. We’ll have to post an update once baby C arrives so we can see that last wall complete. 🙂

  2. What great friends you have, Dwayne! Must have been quite a surprise for Ange on her return! Blue & turquoise are some of my favourite colours. Can’t wait to see the room. Might have to bring over some of my lagers…

    1. Haha thanks Sabrina. It is pretty fun! You just have to be careful not to get carried away cause if you stir too fast it makes a TERRIBLE mess (I only know this because someone told me…cause you know, I would never do that. LOL)

    1. Thanks for the comment Renee. I know how you feel! Our Dreamhouse doesn’t yet have walls up so for now I’m living vicariously through our friends & fam with all these ‘Random Acts of Paint’ projects. I don’t know if I’d ever really have the guts to go for such a bold colour in our place but I absolutely love how this one turned out! My friend Angela has such a great sense of style!

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