Kids are funny.  They never say what you expect them to.  Sometimes it’s heart warming, other times you wonder what devil spawn has overtaken your sweet baby, but most of the time, the things that come out of their little mouths are just priceless.  Now we know we aren’t the only ones who think that our kid is possibly the funniest kid on the planet (all parents think this), but seriously – this kid is freakin’ funny and WAY too smart for his own good…

So we thought we’d share with the world a few of the cute, quirky & random conversations we find ourselves engaging in with our son.

During his first visit to see the (pre-reno) Dreamhouse to show him where we will be moving to and he walks in, takes one look around, looks up and says..

Mommy, I got a gweat idea! Wet’s get a new kitchen!

Seriously?! Ok you definitely know you’re in need of a remodel when that is your 3 year old’s first impression.

To Nana (who is suffering from a pinched nerve in her back), as he rubs her hand after she told him she was in pain…

Awww…Don’t worwy  Nana.  I’ll make you better.  I’n da best medical doctor EVER.

Ok, I know, that is super sweet.  But really….medical doctor!?  What 3 year old talks like this??


Heeeeeeey…pwetty Mommmeeey. O – O – O – O – Oppa Kashton style!

Yea…he went there.

To a family friend who has just arrived at Nana & Poppa’s house to spend the night.

Hi! I’n Kashton. You want to watch Tweehouse wif me?

To Poppa, 5 minutes, after greeting said house guest, who has now gone upstairs to put his bag in the guestroom…

Poppa! Dere’s a man upstairs in Nana’s house!

Geez Kashee….I guess it’s a good thing Nana isn’t up to any funny business…or she would TOTALLY get sold out!

While watching a dinosaur show and running around and practicing his “Roooaaaaar,”

{Kash} Are you scared of me?

{Mommy} No, I’m not scared of you…you’re my monkey  man!

{Kash (who looks up with an expression like Mommy has just said the most ridiculous thing ever)} I’n not a monkey man! I’n a dinosaur man…I’n Kashtonsauwus Wex!


Upon seeing his completed ‘scaaawy dwagon’ costume for Halloween…

Mommy: Look bud! See your cool costume!?
{Kash (pointing at the head)} I don’t wike DAT!
{Mommy} WHY?!?
{Kash} Cause I’n scared of it!
{Mommy} No no bud, there’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just pretend. Remember you told Mommy you wanted to be a scary dragon??? You’re gonna look soooo cooool and scaaary!
{Kash} Yea…you’re wight! Ok…wet’s go to da Hawoween party!

Phew! Now if only only solving all problems were that simple… 🙂

While exploring the Animal Flower Caves in Barbados – upon entering the cave among all the “Wows,” “Oohs” and “Ahhs,” Kashee’s awed faced reaction…

Oh. My. SHIT!

Ok, maybe not our finest parenting moment, as the words reverberated and echoed through the cave walls and every other tourist within earshot turned to gape at our potty mouthed toddler.  We tried to quietly yet strongly suggest that we don’t use that word, to which he gave us the Bambi eyed nod…clearly having NO idea what he’d just said.

And the BEST one yet (that he will thank me for sharing with the world someday, I’m certain)!

While sitting on the potty with the Olympics blaring on the tv in the background…

Mommy, you know what I wike about pooing?  It’s sooooooo peaceful.  All you hear is da sound of da wympics.  I can just sit and fink and fink and fink and fink!

Yes Kashee. We like to sit and think too. Smh…

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