Battling the post holiday funk

Battling the post holiday funk

Happy New Year friends! The holidays are behind us, we’ve said so long to Christmas decorations and lazy days. It’s a new year, and with it comes the prospect of new goals and a fresh start….right?!  Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?  Well for us there hasn’t been a whole lot of that.  Truth be told I had […]

The reality of the Dream … 9 months later

Well hello there old friend…and by old friend I can only assume I’m talking to myself because after over a year of radio silence on the blog it’s possible that I’m the only one still here. Okay, maybe my mom. Hi mom. 🙂 It feels like forever since I’ve written anything or even checked in […]

F#@king fifty shades of grey. Grey clouds everywhere.

Fighting the Winter funk

3 weeks…. (That’s how long it’s been since my last post.) I should probably start by apologizing for the radio silence of late.  I’m still here. I haven’t abandoned you guys. But if I’m being totally honest, anything I had posted in the last 3 weeks, you probably wouldn’t have wanted to read.  Or maybe you would […]

Booking a Genius Bar appointment for my coffee damaged MacBook

MacBook or no MacBook, the blog must go on…

If you remember last week was all about the window install (I know, how could you forget right?!). Well this week we were all geared up to kick off another Design Week & talk about all our plans for the exterior of the house… And then I spilled coffee on my MacBook.

Exterior casement windows by Magic Window Innovations

Window waiting woes…

You might have noticed things on the construction front have come to a bit of a standstill lately. Well they haven’t entirely – we’ve merely switched our focus from the main area of the house to another. More on that in a bit – but first here are a few of the lessons we’ve learned […]

Kash whining

S#*t our kid is whining about

Being a parent is a tough job. Kids – especially young ones are unpredictable. One minute they’re smiling, the next they’re saying something hilarious, and sometimes they’re just completely irrational. We came across this Tumblr today that has been blowing up all over the Internet in the last few days, and I couldn’t help but […]