Boys bedroom before: Old bed and dresser to be replaced

Hi again friends! If you’re new here, welcome & thanks for stopping by! Today kicks off another edition of the One Room Challenge and we’re joining again as guest participants. This round we’re excited to be tackling our son’s room. After 2 years in the Dreamhouse, we figured it was about time we showed this boy’s bedroom some attention.
This will be our 5th time participating and we’re pretty excited because if you’ve been following us for a while you’ll know that this challenge is just about the only thing that gives us the kick in the pants we need to get anything done around here. If you remember we completed our first ORC in the Spring of 2015 when we finished our master bath. At the time the Dreamhouse was still very much under construction and it was literally the only thing remotely pretty in the house! Our next ORC came over a year later when we finished our family room. Last year we participated twice – finally finishing our bedroom in the spring and our kitchen last fall.

Kash (Kes + Tash, see what we did there??) is our 8 year old son and the youngest member of Team Dreamhouse. Anyone who’s ever met him notices right away that he has a sprit that can light up a room.

Kash making good use of the Dream Kitchen

Kash smiling in our modern rustic master bedroom

When we completed our bedroom last spring and he walked in and saw it his first words were:

“Woah!! This is niiiice!! I really hope you’re going to do something cool like this in my room!”

Well we heard you buddy. You’ve been patient enough.

Kash is a fun-loving, bright, vibrant kid and full of energy. Pretty much everything that his bedroom right now is not….

Boys bedroom before: a big black canvas space lacking colour or personality

Boys bedroom before: Time to say goodbye to this double bed that was converted from his crib

I know. It’s a sad state. We’ve literally done nothing in here since the day we moved in – except maybe allow him to add more stuffed animals to the bed…

Boys bedroom before: a bed full of stuffed animals provides the only colour in the room

Seriously, who needs THAT MANY stuffed animals?! I mean I guess they do provide essentially the only source of colour in the room right now. But I digress…

Boys bedroom before: Old bed and dresser to be replaced

Boys bedroom before: blank walls & unpainted doors create and uninspiring space.

This boy’s bedroom is in desperate need of an upgrade – starting with some new furniture. I’ve been looking on websites like The Khazana to try and find some cool furniture that would fit in this room but I have no idea what to buy! The drawer slides on his dresser are falling apart so I think a new set of drawers is definitely in order. His bed, now converted to a double, was originally his crib. So you can imagine it’s seen it’s share of wear and tear in the last 8 years (I think he’s probably going to need a new mattress too, to be honest, so we’ve been looking at sites like to help us pick the best one for him). It may or may not still have teeth marks in the headboard because….

Baby Kash biting the side rail of his crib which is now the headboard of his double bed.

Yea…that happened.

The rest of the room is completely bland. It lacks any kind of useful function, storage, colour or personality whatsoever.

Boys bedroom before: blank walls & unpainted doors create and uninspiring space.

Boys bedroom before: primed hardboard slab doors mark the entrances to the room and en-suite.

Boys bedroom before: south wall in desperate need of some paint, new trim, lighting & storage

It’s about time we remedied that. Here’s how we’re planning to do it.

Boy’s Bedroom Makeover To-Do List:

  • tear out carpet
  • install hardwood floors
  • paint
  • replace bed & dresser
  • create wall feature behind bed
  • visit TapestryShopping for a bold wall design
  • replace the Internal Doors & trim
  • install new lighting
  • figure out window treatments
  • build desk with storage & reading nook
  • add wall shelves
  • new bedding
  • accessorize

We’re giving this space a complete top to bottom overhaul and we’ve enlisted the help of a few friends. Next week we’ll get into all the details and share our plan for the space along with some insight into where we drew inspiration from for the design. I’ll give you a quick hint. When all is said and done, this boy’s bedroom will match his personality. It’ll be modern, bright and fit for any superhero.

One Room Challenge Guest Participant

Until next time. 😉