We’re into week 2 of our Spring One Room Challenge. If you missed last week’s post we revealed that we’re finally tackling our son’s room and shared a few before pics of the space. It’s been a busy week getting the room emptied & replacing the flooring, but before we get into the progress we’ve made we thought we’d take you through our design plan for his superhero bedroom & some insight into where we’re drawing our inspiration from.

Anyone who knows us knows that we’re comic book fans. We both grew up reading comics & watching our favourite Marvel superheroes come to life in Saturday morning cartoons. As adults, that love for those characters and their stories never really faded…. Remember this throwback??

Marvel Comic Book Royalty: Storm & Black Panther

So it really should come as no surprise that our son is growing up with that same love of superheroes. As a family we’ve watched all 18 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far but it’s safe to say that something special happened after our last trip to the theatre. I’ll get into that in a second, but first let me backtrack a bit…

Last year for his birthday Kash received this awesome framed poster featuring all the Marvel comic characters.

Framed Marvel poster

From that point forward, we knew we wanted his space to have a superhero bedroom theme of some sort, but we weren’t exactly sure how to achieve it. Hours of Google and Pinterest searches didn’t seem to provide much inspiration. Everything we came across was too childish. Too colourful. We wanted to create a space that would grow with him and still fit within the aesthetic of the rest of the house. But we also wanted the space to capture the essence of everything we love about those heroes and their stories. A sophisticated superhero haven, if you will. It had to be modern. It had to be cool. It had to feel like a room that could exist in a universe where radioactive spiders and demigods are real and average people can gain superhuman strength through fantastical circumstances….

And then we went to see Black Planther.

If you’re one of the 10 people on the planet that have yet to see this movie, seriously, don’t walk. Run to see it. Not just because it’s an awesome action-packed movie that tells a great story. But aside from all that, it’s visually stunning. The art direction & set/production design that went into creating Wakanda (the fictional, super technologically advanced African nation that the movie is set in) was absolutely mind blowing. Each of the 4 (yes I said FOUR) times we left the theatre, we came away more inspired.

A quick look at some of the concept art and set designs for the film, and you’ll see why….

Shuri's Lab via Black Panther production designer Hannah Beachler (@chinchilla1970)

Shuri’s Lab set photo via Black Panther production designer Hannah Beachler (@chinchilla1970)

Second floor bridge of Shuri's Lab via Black Panther production designer Hannah Beachler (@chinchilla1970)

Second floor bridge of Shuri’s Lab set photo via Black Panther production designer Hannah Beachler (@chinchilla1970)

M'Baku's throne room via Black Panther production designer Hannah Beachler (@chinchilla1970)

M’Baku’s throne room set photo via Black Panther production designer Hannah Beachler (@chinchilla1970)

Inside T'Challa's Royal Talon Fighter via Black Panther production designer Hannah Beachler (@chinchilla1970)

Inside T’Challa’s Royal Talon Fighter set photo via Black Panther production designer Hannah Beachler (@chinchilla1970)

Everything from the geometric elements, patterns, and the use of lighting & wood textures spoke to us. So we took that inspiration to create a design for a superhero bedroom that any fan big or small would be proud to grow up in. We put together a mood board to help us visualize how all the elements will come together.

The Design Plan

Duvet Cover & RugWayfair | Bed & ChestThe Brick | Pendant light & wall sconceKichler | Fabrics 1, 2, 3, 4Tonic Living | Felt Memo BoardBouclair | DIY honeycomb shelves (inspiration) | DIY Superhero lightboxes (inspiration)

We’ve got a lot planned for his space! We are excited to be partnering with some fantastic brands to help us bring our vision to life. We’ll get into all the details in the coming weeks as things unfold, but we wanted to touch on a few highlights before we go.


If you’re familiar with our designs in other areas of our home, you’ll already recognize a familiar pattern. We like to create spaces that are overall pretty neutral and then incorporate one or two bold pops of colour. Yellow is one of Kash’s favourite colours, so for his bedoom, it seemed like the natural choice. We’ll be incorporating that with a few different shades of grey & black. We’re thinking of getting him either a dark hardwood floor or a grey plush carpet. At the moment we’re just looking at companies like Carpet Now – Austin Carpet Installation to see which would be better.


As we mentioned last week, Kash is in desperate need of some new bedroom furniture. We wanted something that would be clean and contemporary with just enough visual interest to stand out without competing with other textures in the space. We’ve partnered with The Brick who is providing us with some pieces that are a perfect fit for our design.

We’ll also be building a mid-century modern inspired desk for him to provide some extra storage and a space for homework & drawing.

He will also have a small area to play in. After all, it is his bedroom. His toys will be in a toybox and he’s also asked for a foosball table to be put into his bedroom. He’s not sure what kind of foosball table he would like just yet but these top rated foosball tables can be a perfect choice according to YouFoosball. We need to get the bed and drawers in first before we get the foosball table just to make sure all of our measurements are correct.

Feature Wall

The plan is to create a DIY geometric feature on the wall behind his bed with a little help from our friends at Metrie & Kichler. I’m not sure exactly how to describe what we have in mind, but let’s just say that if all goes according to plan, it’ll be something that would be right at home in Shuri’s Wakandan lab! I’m thinking that it will need to be a custom wallpaper Melbourne that has all the designs we want on it. It might take some work but it’ll be worth it!

So there you have it! Did we capture the superhero feel while still maintaining a bit of modern sophistication? Do you think our little superhero will feel at home in this space? We’d love to hear your feedback!

Don’t forget to check in on what the rest of the ORC participants have been up to this week! And be sure to follow us on Instagram for a few sneak peeks as things progress.

Until next week friends!

One Room Challenge Guest Participant