Foundation block

Playing Musical Blocks…

Who would have figured that building a house would be so drama filled! So the latest chapter to our story is about blocks. Yes those very same cinder blocks used to build the foundation. The story is a little complicated but we’ll will start at the beginning and try to make it as simple as […]

Our lonely mailbox attached to the outside of the construction fence.

Mail Status: Undeliverable

Canada Post said we can’t have our mail. 🙁 Ok, wait…that sounds crazy. I guess I should explain. So back in December, I lost my purse at the Buffalo Bills game in Toronto. Thankfully a kind citizen found it emptied my wallet of the cash, and turned it in to security. So I did get […]

Extra foundation in the septic pit

Forms, Footings, Foundations and Frustrations!

So the house is gone… What happened next? Well after tearing down the existing house we brought in a crew to build the forms for the footings that support the foundation walls. This step was originally planned for mid-late November when the weather was a lot better, but because of the permit delays we were […]

Dreamhouse construction site - post demo

After the dust settled… [Video]

We’ve been pretty busy with the holidays and enjoying some down time with the family. The only down side of that is we haven’t had much time to update the blog. Just because we’ve been quiet though, doesn’t, mean we haven’t had busy bees working away on site. We’re fortunate enough to have a dedicated […]

The Dreamhouse - demolished

The Demolition [Video]

With the holidays around the corner we’ve been super busy, but the demolition video is finally edited and ready to go! When you watch the video, it’ll seem like all smashing & crashing, but in actual fact, the backhoe operator was quite the artist. He used the machine like an extension of his arm – […]

Getting a building permit

The Waiting Game

It’s been about a month since our last post which we know is a VERY looong time!  You must be wondering what Team Dreamhouse has been up to. In all honesty…nothing.  Well, okay we put up a construction fence.  But, otherwise – a whole lot of nothing.  We sourced some window quotes & lined up […]

Closing day - key finally in hand!

Closing day: Take 2

Every cloud has a silver lining… As you know, our closing got delayed by one day. Boo right?  We thought so too.  The upside however, is that because of that ONE seemingly insignificant day, our first mortgage payment has now been delayed by ONE MONTH! Woo hoo!!! I guess it’s true what they say – everything happens […]