Today kicks off our second Design Week and this time it’s all about the exterior of the Dreamhouse. When we left off last time, we revealed the conceptual elevation drawings & first colour renderings of the exterior. Of course drawings are easy. The hard part is bringing the drawings to life to achieve the look we want within budget. We’ve been looking for the best place to get materials and have been looking for local contractors who will be able to offer us a good rate. Luckily, this North Florida Residential Roofing Blog has a great article on red flags for roofing contractors so that has made the hunt easier. There are obviously still a few things we need to iron out and compromise on but we’re taking steps in the right direction!

The Inspiration:

Going back to our look book, it was pretty clear to us that the we’re drawn to houses that step outside the bounds of typical “builder beige” brick & aluminum siding. That’s not to say that there aren’t some beautiful homes built using those materials. In fact, we know a few people who have homes just like that and use James Hardie siding professionals to make their homes look absolutely breathtaking. But with our love for the modern aesthetic, we knew we’d be looking to use materials that lend themselves less to the traditional. From quality aluminium bifolds to the perfect double glazing windows, we’ve got it all to think about! We just can’t wait.

We absolutely love the modern sleek look of composite or fibre-cement panels mixed with cedar siding.

Gorgeous modern home w/ cedar siding & fibre-cement exterior cladding via drkdesign

So we had the look. We knew what we wanted. The challenge now was to find the right materials available in our market & climate to bring it all together AND to do so within budget.

Stay tuned tomorrow as we get into the specifics of the materials we chose…