June 2012

Sometimes to get what you want, you have to be willing to walk away - which is exactly what we did when offer negotiations with the seller of the house we wanted reached a stalemate. After flat out rejecting our initial offer (which was admittedly WELL below his rather inflated asking price), it was pretty clear that talks between his agent and ours were going nowhere fast. When it came right down to it, he had his bottom line which was 10K above what we decided our ceiling would be for that property. Refusing to overpay, we chose to be firm

Ugh! Home owners can be so frustrating! Don't get me wrong, it's TOTALLY understandable to be emotionally attached to your house, but seriously - Pricing a home for sale is a science. You can't just arbitrarily pick a number that you want to sell for just BECAUSE. These things have to be based in reality. Lot size, square footage, how many upgrades you've put in, comparable properties in the neighbourhood and their past sale prices - these are all things that you have to keep in mind when setting the right price for your home if you expect to sell. If you've

So after expanding our search area, we've found an interesting property in the West Shore neighbourhood. The house itself isn't much to look at. In fact it probably hasn't been updated much since it was built in 1962. Now in saying that we don't mean the cool 'retro chic 60s', we mean circa 1962 textured plaster walls, parquet & vinyl floors, avocado tub in the bathroom - we're talking full on time machine the second you walk through the door. Not exactly what you might envision us looking for in our dream house. So what, pray tell is so 'interesting' about

So in between all the property hunting, we've been busy prepping our place for sale. Now after several weeks of painting, carpeting, cleaning and de-cluttering, it's nice to be able to say that our house is officially on the market! It's been a long and laborious process, but we made it to the finish line. All the papers have been signed and submitted so we should hit MLS by sometime tomorrow - just in time for the weekend! Wish us luck. :-) We've got to give an extra special thank you to Mari Blair of StageFright who did an absolutely fantastic job

With our dream mapped out, we set off in search of the perfect property. But after getting outbid on a house in our ideal Pickering area of Rosebank South, we decided to widen our search a bit to include the neighbourhoods of West Shore. Rosebank South is one of Pickering's more exclusive neighbourhoods that essentially contains one of two things: older, reasonably priced bungalows; and renovated custom homes priced in and around the million dollar range. Because of its proximity to the lake, larger lot sizes, and higher property values, this tends to be a high demand area. Of course, that makes

Being that we're young creative professionals it sort of fits that we'd be attracted to the urban contemporary loft aesthetic. The problem being, the 'urban contemporary loft' generally comes with inner city living - downtown core, smaller square footage, higher prices, etc - which is fine when you're in your 20s and focused on your career. When the time comes to raise a family though, you tend to re-evaluate the things you want in a home; things like proximity to schools and family, having a backyard, and overall wanting a bigger living space. Having both grown up in the suburbs, we