Map of the adjacent Pickering neighbourhoods of West Shore and Rosebank South

With our dream mapped out, we set off in search of the perfect property. But after getting outbid on a house in our ideal Pickering area of Rosebank South, we decided to widen our search a bit to include the neighbourhoods of West Shore.

Rosebank South is one of Pickering’s more exclusive neighbourhoods that essentially contains one of two things: older, reasonably priced bungalows; and renovated custom homes priced in and around the million dollar range. Because of its proximity to the lake, larger lot sizes, and higher property values, this tends to be a high demand area. Of course, that makes snagging a property pretty difficult – especially at the entry level.

West Shore, on the other hand, is in most ways exactly like Rosebank South. Only 3km east it has the same proximity to the lake, same large lots, and yet it’s one of the most undervalued neighbourhoods in Pickering.  In this area, while it’s still comprised of mostly older bungalows, as you get closer to the lake, you start to see more and more custom builds – hopefully a good indication of a prime neighbourhood in it’s infancy.  Homes here are much more easily attainable, and if our assumptions hold true, this area will be every bit as desirable as Rosebank South in 5-7 years.

It’s all about seeing the potential.